September the 25th: World day for public awareness to ataxia

Giovanni Stevanin, co-coordinator of the event

On this occasion, an exchange day took place at the ICM auditorium. This event, fully dedicated to ataxia, organized by CSC, AFAF associations and SPATAX network, gathered scientists, clinicians, students from EPHE University and ESTBA Institute of Technology , accompanying persons, people suffering from these disorders and their families.

Ataxias, or cerebellar syndromes, are neurodegenerative pathologies involving cerebellum and/or brainstem. They concern people of all ages who show autokinesis thin coordination disorders. They specially affect balance, walking and eye movements.

Scientists gave an account of the state of progress of their researches, very close to their topical matter.

In return, during round table discussions, patients and patient relatives expressed their personal experiences and their expectations in terms of therapy and disease handover.

Expressions, sometimes very emotional, that permit the scientists to get advices to refine their approach.

A book reporting all presentations and discussions is available online: Meeting report

1CSC : association « Connaître les Syndrôme Cérébelleux »
2AFAF : association « Ataxie de Friedreich »
3Réseau international SPATAX (Coordinator : Alexandra Dürr)
4ESTBA : Ecole Supérieure des techniques de biologie Appliquée
5EPHE : Ecole pratique des Hautes Etudes
Coordinators: M. Hubert Boeuf (CSC) & M. Giovanni Stevanin (ICM)
Event sponsored by GATC Biotech & Groupama