The ICM team



21 research teams, 7 platforms
71 researchers (33 CNRS, 38 Inserm)
49 assistant professors (UPMC/AP-HP)
23 hospital practionners (AP-HP)
77 engineers and technicians (including 37 Inserm, 16 CNRS, 4 UPMC and 20 CDD)
14 administrative staff (9 Inserm, 4 CNRS, 1 UPMC)
52 Postdoctoral fellows, 94 PhD students


The ICM team working on spinocerebellar degenerations belongs to the group of Alexis Brice (Director of the ICM institute). It includes as main researchers, Alexandra Durr (Coordinator of the SPATAX network), Annie Sittler, Frédéric Darios, Fanny Mochel, Christel Depienne and Giovanni Stevanin (Coordinator of the subgroup of Neurogenetics of the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes: EPHE neurogenetics team website).